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I am trying to identify which SVG files contain duplicate green items, so where the string '00FF00' is contained in the file more than once,

I can search for containing text "00FF00" for images with at least one green object.

But I want to search for "00FF00 AND 00FF00" but gives me results for svgs with only one instance of "00FF00"

I tried using the regular expression wizard, but this only has options for 'once or many times' , not 'many times only'.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I have 18,000 files to check.

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1 Answer

0 votes

The easiest way to find files with more than one occurrence of a keyword is to use the Hits column. If you sort by the Hits column or use the Column Filter with '>1' you'll see only files with more than one hit.

Hits Column
If you are looking for more than one occurrence of multiple keywords use the 'Keywords by File' Report.

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