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Hi, I tried to look for an answer, I hope this isn't a duplicate question.

I use FileLocator to search for containing text within txt files.

If I search for email for example

johnsmith@domain.com I want to search include also results like this:


So, to ignore any dot within the string.

I tried using Fuzzy mode but then I get many unwanted results.

Hope this is clear what I am looking for, thanks

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1 Answer

0 votes

You can change the 'Fuzzy' matching 'distance' in the Boolean Expression settings but if you want that specific character sequence I think a regular expression is your best bet, try:

Containing Text: REGEX "j.?o.?h.?n.?s.?m.?i.?t.?h.?@domain\.com

The '.' will actually match up against any character, so if you want only '.' replace '.?' with '\.?'.

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