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we are using the lite version from filelocator since version 2010. Now we want to enroll the new version from 2010 (lite). For the silent installation for our clients i created the following code (and its working fine).

msiexec.exe /I "**\2020_files\FileLocatorPro_8.5.2944.1\install64.msi" INSTALLDIR="C:\Filelocator\" /Quiet

But if we start the programm, we have to chose the language and version (we only need the lite/free version). We have more than 200 users and want to automate this process.

Is there any way, to set the lite version als standard via command line?

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If you don't want the 'Pro/Lite' question on first start-up then you can purchase a Supporter's license, which automatically switches the install to 'Lite' without asking the user.

It's a deliberate design decision, if you don't want to pay for a Supporter's license then all we ask is to give the end-user the option to try the 'Pro' trial. It's a win/win, as they say.

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But at the "Supporter's license" Link i have to buy the software right?

or do i have to register me again? I don't get it ...
Yes, you would need to purchase a Business or Enterprise Supporter's license. The Free license does not have the option to skip the 'Pro/Trial' question.