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We have an Engineer who has FileLocator Pro license registered on their business CAD workstation. Given the present situation with COVID-19 Response, company policy is that workers who can work remotely, should be doing so, and only be onsite when needed. The user has been issued a laptop also, to work from home, but still needs to use the workstation when in the office. Given the EULA that I believe states that a single user (or license?) can be installed (3) times (work computer, home computer, etc. provided likely not used at same time). can we install the FileLocator Pro software on the laptop for temporary use using the same license/registration code? We have purchased (10) seats or users of Pro, and this is in regards to one user at this time.

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1 Answer

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Yes, each licensed user (ie 10 users) can install the software on up to 3 machines for their use.

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