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I'm using the CLI version of File Locator Pro. Previously, my script generated a command line that includes the boolean search string directly in the command and submits it to flpsearch.exe.

But now I want to use a file to hold the boolean search terms, but it's not working. The file is standard ANSI. Here is the single line of the file I'm trying to use:

n:\ OR n:/ OR N:\ OR N:/ OR z:\ OR z:/ OR Z:\ OR Z:/

Notice that I'm not sure if I have to specify both upper and lower case drive letters. Do I? (By the way, I do need both back slashes and forward slashes due to a couple of weird applications).

The relevant portion of the command line prior to submission is: -c P:\FindList.txt (note the double backslashes) -- The forum software removes the double-backslash when displayed, but it is in the command line.

What am I doing wrong, please?


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1 Answer

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I assume that you are searching for drive letters in the source documents. If you want to load the search terms from a file you must precede the file name with an equal sign otherwise it will assume that the file name IS the search text, e.g.

-c "=P:\FindList.txt"

Also make sure you have the option Advanced -> File Lists -> Containing Text switched ON:

If your search is not case sensitive you don't need to specify upper and lowercase, just add:


to ensure it's case insensitive.

Alternative search

A slightly more efficient way to search for those strings would be:

REGEX "[nz]:[/\\]"
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An full and excellent answer! Wonderful work, dave, and thank you.