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In both versions (Lite and Pro), the A=a button for the "Containing text" field (search string) is simply labeled "Aa", good. For "A is not a", in (older) FL Lite, the button gets a red cross-out, good. But in Pro, the "A is not a" gets a green (!) ok-check (!), which is logically extremely misleading, since "green" and "okay" each mean "it is", not "it is not".

Thus, even when I "know" how it is here, and considering that after (soon) buying Pro, I'll not use Lite anymore, it'll always be misleading anyway, since it's contrary to any GUI standard.

Or is there some hidden sense in this I didn't grasp?

EDIT: Having used a non-current Lite version before, I was mistaken about the "Pro"; in fact, it's identical in both versions now, Aa with a green check means "A <>a".

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1 Answer

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Quite a few software packages use 'Aa' to represent that an operation is case-sensitive, it's not meant to be 'A = a' although I can see the logic.

The software adds the 'tick' to say that the 'case-sensitive' option is on.

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