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In FLP8, is it possible to save the search result of a specific run in a format that FLP can re-use as the basis for later querying?

I've just complete a search of 8M files that took 66 hours to complete (without crashing - great job FLP!) resulting in 19K matches. I would like to use the result for future investigation, without having to re-run the query. Just exporting the results to a report is not sufficient.
Unfortunately, my PC is subjected to a weekly forced reboot which will result in the loss of the current run.
FTR indexing the source files is not an option.

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1 Answer

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To save the search so it can be reloaded in future use the menu option File -> Save Search....

Alternatively, you can also save the whole workspace, ie all searches, using the menu option File -> Save Workspace....

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Excellent, thanks.
Not sure how I missed that after all these years ;)