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We are evaluating FileLocator Pro for use across our department. We currently have the trial installed on our terminal server.

For the most part, everything works fantastically.

However, we have found a rather irritating issue. When searching for a multi-word string surrounded by quotation marks in our index (e.g. "chicken soup" or "competition and markets authority", both including the speech marks), and then searching the location field of the results with anything containing a backslash (e.g. N:\Registry\), the program hangs indefinitely. There doesn't appear to be any increased usage of resources, and the hanging doesn't resolve itself even after several hours.

Could anybody help us figure out what is going on?

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This issue was fixed in Build 2944.

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Normally if there is an issue with FileLocator Pro we ask the customer to send an error report via the Help->Generate Error Report menu option. However, if the UI has become unresponsive this is not possible.

Therefore, to diagnose this issue we asked the customer to re-create the issue and then, while FileLocator Pro was unresponsive, create a dump file using the Create dump file option in Task Manager:

Create dump file

Using this dump file the Mythicsoft dev team were able to re-create the issue and provide a fix.

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