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I routinely save web shortcuts (.url files) to my hard disk for reference and note taking. (For example, when comparison shopping.)

I was just now trying to search a folder of URL files I had saved to find files that referred to a specific listing. FileLocator Pro doesn't seem to be working consistently on this.

I've had some success specifying "Fuzzy" text search and looking for specific strings I see in the .url files when viewed in Notepad (ex. searching for "cargurus.com" works). However, when I search for other strings in the same files (e.g., "InternetShortcut" or "listing=257216565" or just "257216565") nothing comes up. BTW - I am NOT using quotes in the searches themselves. I also tried using quotes - didn't help.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


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1 Answer

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By default FileLocator Pro will search using all available IFilters on the computer and .url normally has an IFilter associated:

URL IFilter

If you want to search the raw .url file data, ie. without the IFilter, then switch OFF the Enhanced File Searching option Office/PDF Documents in the Options tab.

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