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I'm trying to do a Regex search to find either Ř [Latin Capital R with Caron] or Ě [Latin Capital E with Caron].

I was able to make it work using this: [\x{0158}\x{011A}]

However, this does not work: [ŘĚ]

It appears that Regex is transliterating Ř to R and Ě to E, for purposes of the search.

Is is not possible to use these letters with diacritical marks to find them in text?

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[ŘĚ] does work, ie it can search for those character points, but what may be confusing is that the search is also compiled for non-unicode searching in the local code page, which in this case translates to [RE].

In many cases this might be the desired behaviour but in your case if you're searching for the specific character and not a word it's not what you'd want. So the only way to search for just those characters is to specify the code point in hex as you've done.

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You are correct. So am I correct that using the hex values is the only way to ensure that one gets only those values?