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I am using a ramdisk for temp files, which may explain why I am unable to install the latest version of FileLocator Pro. I am wondering how much temp file space is needed for installation, whether I'm should be installing the .MSI rather than the .EXE, and whether there is a switch for specifying a temp file directory at installation.

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1 Answer

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When installing with the EXE the first thing it will do is extract the MSI/CAB files to a temp folder. Those files are about 100MB in total.

If you install from the MSI directly there is no need for temp files apart from temp space the Microsoft Installer might use.

You don't provide any error details so I can't confirm that temp space is the problem.

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1) The MSI works. Thank you. 2) When I installed the .EXE there was more than 800MB available. I suspect that the installation program actually uses 100MB, but requires more.