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I'm trying to search for all *.c files but files like *.cpp are showing up. How do I limit the search to just *.c?

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Using the DOS Expression setting

File name: *.c

*.c will match only files ending in .c.

However, if you're using the Boolean expression option you'll need to use something like:

File name: DOSEX "*.c>"
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Thank you for your fast feedback! :-) But on my computer, there is another behavior: https://i.ibb.co/Lzjw9FV/Unbenannt.jpg

...so you see, there are also .cpp files when i search for *.c.

The version i use is: "Release Build 867 - 2017.03.02.44979 (x64)"
Check in the Options tab the File name expression is DOS Expression.
Thank you, now it works!! :-)