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****.c *.cpp *.h *.hpp***


****.c; *.cpp; *.h; *.hpp;***

works - how to do that?

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Using the DOS Expression option you separate the file types with a semi-colon.

Filename: *.c ; *.cpp ; *.h ; *.hpp
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Does also not work so it seems: https://i.ibb.co/dcCpRHG/gfr.jpg

So you see in the image (on imgbb.com) on my other post, there are some .c, .cpp, .h., .hpp files in that directory - it's not empty! ;-)


Same version as in the other post.

When i write "Filename: " before the extensions, it does also not work - no results..

Additional info: Now it works: https://qa.mythicsoft.com/16079/c-will-also-search-for-cxx-how-to-solve-that-problem?show=16082#a16082