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Is there a way to search for specific file names: . If I have a file called "Quality SIT" and "Quality SIT And also" how can I return only "Quality SIT" and not "Quality SIT And also"?

Another issue is that some file names contain ';' ',' '#' characters in them.

Is there a way to load a list of such search terms?

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Assuming you're using DOS Expression:

1 - If you know the file's extension specify it:

File name: Quality SIT.doc

2 - If you don't know the file's extension try:

File name: Quality SIT.*

3 - If the file has not extension specify the boundary markers:

File name: <Quality SIT>

If the file includes a ';' put the name in quotes:

File name: "semi;colon"
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Can I combine  " and < ?

I tried this <"Quality; SIT"> and this "<Quality; SIT>" but neither one worked.