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When using a file as the source criteria to match path names in a file (without any other criteria in the File name or Contents fields) using the Look in: =T:\subdir\temp.txt format, I was surprised to see that for path names that were folders, the folder contents were also matched, ie a lot more results than listed in the file.

Is there, or should there be a config flag to limit matches to those defined in the file by default?

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The Look In field has always searched any folders specified so it would be quite a departure to change the functionality to only list the folder but none of its files.

What how would you specify the configuration flag and what wording would you use?

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Maybe amend the functionality of the Subfolders checkbox (to the right of the Look in field) to be respected in the specific case where the =T:\subdir\temp.txt format is used.

Currently, in this instance, it returns the same number of matches regardless of whether it is checked or not.  Which could be seen as a bug.  Or a feature, depending on your bias ;)