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I am looking for a product that can search PSTs, and FileLocator Pro seems pretty good, but I have a specific use case that I don't see addressed. Can I search multiple PSTs for email that have a specific sender, recipient, or combination of sender and recipient without having matches that may be in the body of the email included?

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There isn't a specific 'sender' or 'recipient' search field but you can search the header for the values, e.g.

Containing Text: LINES:1-10 REGEX "\bTo:.*recipient@company.com" OR REGEX "\bFrom:.*sender@corp.com"

Breaking down the search term we have

LINES:1-10 - this limits the search to the first part of the email message.

REGEX "\bTo:.*recipient@company.com" - this is a regular expression to search the 'To' part of the header

OR REGEX "\bFrom:.*sender@corp.com" - this is an alternative regular expression matching the 'From' part of the header. If you wanted both change the 'OR' to an 'AND'.

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