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Is it possible to exclude directories, specifically subdirectory using a wildcard.

I.e. Exclude any subdirectory containing the word save

exclude Save and all subfolders, but still search C:\mydocuments\pictures

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1 Answer

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Yes, with FileLocator Pro you can use location filters, e.g.

Look In: C:\mydocuments\pictures;-save

Any folder with 'save' in the path will be excluded from the search.

Additional information:

In the same way you can include folders, e.g.

Look In: C:\mydocuments\pictures;+save

Would only search folders with 'save' in the name.

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Thank you.  I'm using the pro version as well as the lite (agent ransack) version.  The above does work in the pro version.  Is there another switch that can be used for the lite version?
Location filters are a Pro only feature. In the lite version you can exclude a specific folders by prefixing with '!', e.g. !C:\mydocuments\pictures\save\01-01-2019.