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In question https://qa.mythicsoft.com/10628/is-there-a-portable-version-of-agent-ransack you claim that the installed version of ransack is portable, which is not the full truth. I wanted to use Ransack on a 32bit system and I could not do that, as my version was 64bit. The installer contains both versions, but it installs only the one matching the system it is installed on. a simple extraction of the binary does not work either.

So how can I obtain a (portable/installed) 32bit version without running the installer on a 32bit OS ?

thank you.

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1 Answer

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We're preparing a new portable installer for Agent Ransack but at the moment if you want the 32-bit version use the FileLocator Pro 32-bit portable installer and choose 'Lite/Free' option during start-up.

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