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For example I have 100 files that end with "GoldStriped", but they all starts with different strings. I would like to search for the files that starts with the word "Base" and end with "GoldStriped" and filter out all the other ones.

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1 Answer

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Using the default expression type (ie DOS) this should work:

File name: Base*GoldStriped

If you're using Boolean expressions on the file name then:

File name: Base AND GoldStriped
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it didn't work :/ i'm using file locator lite if that matters
Don't put the 'File name:' bit, that's just to show you which field the data is entered.
The Base*GoldStriped worked! Thank you! One more question, if i want to search for a string that contains these words anywhere in the file name, how do I format it? For example i have files named like these:
I would like to see results of the files that contain the words Hookah and Simple. Do I search for Hookah*Simple?
Yes, but if the order of the words isn't important use:
you've elevated my search capabilities by 1000 miles, thank you. i work with a lot of files (over 30k photos) and this helps me tremendously