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Is there a straightforward way to search for a question mark in the non-regex mode (the "boolean" mode)?

I have tried both using plain ? and enclosing either only the ? or a whole expression (including ?) with quotes, but it still seems that it matches all the alphanumeric characters instead of just the question mark.


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Assuming you are using the latest version of the product putting the expression in quotation marks should work, e.g.

Containing Text: "comments ?"
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Yes, I am using the latest version (Release Build 867 - 2017.03.02.44979 (x64)).

I maybe was too hasty to claim that arbitrary expressions containing ? would fail, however my main use cases were to discover files who either contain at least one question mark - "?" or "<?" and both of them seem to match all alphanumeric characters, instead of just the question mark or the "<?" group, even when enclosed in quotes.

I can work around this using regular expressions with an escaped question mark - \? but it seemed very odd that I couldn't use normal 'boolean' matching.
Running a few tests I can see that it does appear to be inconsistent. The issue isn't there in FileLocator Pro so it will be fixed in Agent Ransack eventually.

FileLocator Pro has a free 'lite' mode so I recommend downloading and using that instead.