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Is there a Regex or Dos way to Look in: (or exclude) the same folder on multiple drives? Example: [CDEF]:\$RECYCLE.BIN\ or :\$RECYCLE.BIN\ or \$RECYCLE.BIN\ without a drive? I want to exclude \TEMPs, \$RECYCLE.BIN \ :\System Volume Information etc.
If not, could that be a feature request for Agent Ransack - FileLocator Pro ???

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Yes, with FileLocator Pro you can use location filters to achieve what you want, e.g.

Look In: C:\;D:\;E:\;F:\;+$recycle.bin

The location filter is:


and specifies that the only paths that are searched are those with '$recycle.bin' in them.

However, this would match all folders with a recycle bin, e.g.


If you want to limit the search to only the top level drives with a recycle bin you could optimize the search by adding a regex to exclude all top level folders that didn't start with a $, e.g.

Look In: C:\;D:\;E:\;F:\;+:\$recycle;-:regex:[a-z]:\\[^$]

The exclusion filter is:


and specifies a regular expression that excludes all paths that don't start with a drive letter followed by a $ sign.

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1) I REALLY like the exclusion filter  -:regex:[a-z]:\\[^$] because I didn't know I could regex drive letters! Thanks! I learned a couple of things from your answer.
2) I see what you did in the other answers. What I found for myself was: a Persistent filter = -recycle;-System Volume Information
It tested out okay for C:\ ; size<0; no subfolders i.e. 1st lvl folders.