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I'm searching for a key word in a large collection of .csv files that are in there own individual folders. The .csv file contains information regarding the files in the folder they are in. I can do a search and find all the .csv files that have the key word just fine. But my results are the .csv files themselves. I would like to have it show me the folders they are in as the result so I can extract those folders from the collection more easily by just copy and pasting them out of the results. Can this be done? Thanks.

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You can't do that with Agent Ransack but you can with FileLocator Pro.

FileLocator Pro solution

  1. Run your search
  2. Click File->Export Results
  3. Choose 'Custom (XSLT)' as the export format
  4. Click the Browse button and select the Sample Transform 'unique_folders_only.xsl'
  5. Click 'Export' button

Unique Folders Only

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So I tried that and all it did was give me a report of those folders.  What I'm asking for at the end of my first comment is the ability to show the folders of those files in the results screen instead of the files, so I can do a select all and copy and paste those folders elsewhere to work on.  The ability to copy and paste the files elsewhere works fine.  But I want to display the folders that the results are found in and copy and paste those.  I'm assuming this is not possible, but seems like it should be easy to just go back a level or check some box, or write it in the formula above or something.  But I can't figure it out.
Using the list in a text file you could then create an XCOPY batch file to copy the folders but it's not possible to have FileLocator Pro display the list of folders for copy and paste in this scenario.