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I am trying to search using the RegExp \bA[\s-]?\d{4,5}([\s-]?[A-Z]{1,2})?\b on a pre created index using command line.

Though the same expression works for searching on directories, it gives error for index. Please help.

The command I am trying and failing is :
flpsearch.exe -o C:\Tst\fprsrch.csv -oc -cex -c "\bA[\s-]?\d{4,5}([\s-]?[A-Z]{1,2})?\b" -ofc -idxname IndexName

Instead of -idxname if I use -d and specify a folder, it works.


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Regex support on indexed data is not supported yet but even if it was it probably wouldn't work with the type of regex you're trying to run if the regex is trying to match on spaces. An index contains the individual terms extracted from files and non-term characters, like space, are used as term boundaries and excluded. The index does not contain the terms as a text stream like the original document.

If you're running your search over Word DOCs or PDFs the best performance increase you can get is to switch on caching in the Options tab.

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