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Is there a way to export parent archive when file hit on a serach term locsted inside?


I have file text.txt inside of test.zip. I would like to do a bulk copy and copy the entire test.zip instead of test.zip.dir\text.txt.

Also if zip and and text file inside the zip both hit on a search term, is there a way to only copy parent (whole Zip)?


test.zip/text.txt both hit on a search term. If I use Bulk copy right now I will end-up with:
test.zip and test.zip.dir\text.txt.
instead of test.zip only.

I have a mix of results that located inside zips, rars, and just in regular folders on a hard drive so searching just ZIPs or Rars is not an option :(

Also, is there a way to generate a report for BCWipe tool to delete all my files including parent zip.


Text.txt inside Test.zip hit on a search term. Now I need to generate a reprot to delete that file
Currently my report will look like Test.zip.dir\text.txt
Instead I need only parent test.zip listed in the report since I cannot whipe files inside of containers.

Thank you

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There isn't a single 'Export Parent Archive' option, the best you can do is something like this:
List just the parent compressed files instead of individual files containing search terms

Note: The above question was for RAR archives, not ZIP, so replace all references to .rar to .zip.

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