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FLP was not able to retrieve some PDF files that enclosed some set of "fi" letters. This set of 2 letters is seen as only one byte by FLP and when I search for all files that enclosed a whole word like "fiducial", these files are not retrieved by FLP.

When I open such PDF file on a Mac computer, I can select two separated letters and copy-paste 2 letters, I mean a "F" and a "I". but when I open the same pdf file on a Windows computer I can only select one character "fi".
If you give an email address I'll send you a sample pdf file.

It seem that I'm not alone to have meet this issue : https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/33476/why-cant-fi-be-separated-when-being-copied-from-a-compiled-pdf

Is there a parameter to set into FLP to find these pdf file ?

thank you.

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It looks like whatever created your PDF used a single character instead of the two separate letters fi. Since it is possible that it is a genuine use of the character FileLocator Pro can't assume the author meant it as two characters:


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