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Currently the index search interface is fairly limited. It would be really useful to be able to make use of the discrete fields shown in the conventional search.

This could also be useful for cases where a compromise between the conventional search and full indexing would produce the best speed trade-off.

For instance, I search a disk containing 7.5 million files across several terabytes. Thousands of these change daily. Indexing this is a lengthy process.
Being able to index filenames only, to produce an instant file list, and then being able to filter the criteria by date or size would enable a much more targeted search which could then be searched for specific contents using the conventional search function. And also allow regular expressions.

You mentioned in a previous post a year ago that enhancements were dependent on customer feedback. Is there any prospect of improving indexing as described above? Is there a road map showing planned dates for changes to indexed searching?

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1 Answer

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This is something that has been highly requested and is planned for the next major version which is currently expected 2019.

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