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Example, if I look for ProcAddress I will only get matches for ProcAddress, but not for GetProcAddress. What gives?

Is there a way to match word parts like that?

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1 Answer

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It's due to the way an index search works. For an index search to be fast you need to be able to find the start of the word quickly, so GetProc* is fast but *ProcAddress is slow because you are basically checking EVERY term in the index.

There's more information on the limitations of index search here:

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Slower would be fine, actually. The problem is that right now I don't get any result. Think in terms of function pointers. You may have function address dynamically retrieved, say CreateFile (contrived example), and a pointer to it is named pCreateFile. The mechanism you explained makes it impossible at all to find the latter, whereas slower would be good enough for me in such borderline cases.
As the link explains, if you want an equivalent search you would need to prefix with '*'. I've updated the answer because some of the previous formatting was hiding the wildcard.
Ah, thanks. Indeed it was hidden. So I actually misunderstood it also. Thanks for taking the time to respond.