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how can one write own plugins? I asked that in a followup question to support, but never received a response.

Let's say I go by the assumption that the term "Extension" doesn't refer to extending the FileLocator's feature set, but to file extensions (suffixes). Even in that case, it's obvious that plugin_cfg in the installation folder contains some kind of configuration referring to a DLL in the installation folder. Example:

Looking at any of these DLLs it's obvious that the DLLs appear to follow COM semantics or at least mimic them (going by the name of exports). The Prog Id in the Configuration dialog value also suggests it, as well as the type library and the RGS contained in the resource section. I didn't look further than a cursory look at the type lib, but I could not find any mentions in the documentation (manual) nor could I find header or IDL files.

So is there a way for us to extend FileLocator Pro? After all you seem to aim for developers as a particular target audience, going by this answer and some other marketing resources I came across prior to my trial and subsequent purchase.

Perhaps some GitHub project I haven't found?



PS: the plugin I had in mind was something to scan the EAT and IAT of PE files. Which raises one more question, but I can ask that separately: is the file extension the only way to identify a file type to FileLocator Pro?

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