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When matches in the results window have very long pathnames, it is not easy to identify which files are in which folder, as the path gets truncated. Adjusting the Location column width is not possible as there is not enough room on the screen.
Is there any way to view the whole path (aside from viewing the Reports tab, which is not ideal as those paths are not hyperlinked to the actual file)?
If not, please raise a feature request to (optionally) display the full path, maybe over two lines or some other wrapping technique.

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1 Answer

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There are various options for dealing with long path names in the File path display preference settings, although no multi-line wrapping option.

Display configuration

  • Don't truncate/Truncate end - End of path is truncated, e.g. C:\folder\sub\... Although the display might still be truncated if you hover over the field it should display the full value of the location.
  • Truncate start - First part of path is truncated, e.g. ...\sub\end
  • Truncate middle - Middle part of path is truncated, e.g. C:\folder\...\end
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Sort of.  It would be more useful to be able to see the whole path somewhere.
Also, although "truncate start" and "truncate middle" do what they're supposed in the result pane, unlike "truncate end" and "do not truncate", the hover over doesn't display anything.
As a compromise, is there any chance the hover over could be changed to show the whole path, possibly as multiple lines, regardless of which truncate option is used? The current hover over is limited by the screen width.