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I wanted to ask you to add to the presets of the external editor
the opening of the file on the specified line via AkelPad.

AkelPad.exe: %ProgramFiles%\AkelPad\AkelPad.exe
or %ProgramFiles(x86)%\AkelPad\AkelPad.exe

The command line parameter will look like this:

"$(FILEPATH)" /Call('Scripts::Main', 1, 'EvalCmd.js', `AkelPad.SendMessage(AkelPad.GetMainWnd(), 1204 /*AKD_GOTO*/, 0x1 /*GT_LINE*/, '$(LINENUM):1');`)

You can download the "Akelpad 4" here: http://akelpad.sourceforge.net/en/download.php
p.s. 'Scripts::Main' and 'EvalCmd.js' are included in the standard installation.

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