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This is the search string.

("gravestones" OR "tombstones") ("path going two ways" OR "path going two directions") ("dressed in sable") (stabbed AND Mizuki)

I'm trying to find a specific book in a archive I downloaded, the archive is rather massive, and I'm not sure if I have this search typed right.

Specifically, this part ("gravestones" OR "tombstones") and this part ("path going two ways" OR "path going two directions") what I am trying to do is find both of the two separate search parts. But I can't remember which word is used in the line or if the gravestones where called that, or if they were called tombstones.

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Your search term should find any file which matches each of the following expressions (there is an implicit AND between each):

"gravestones" OR "tombstones"
"path going two ways" OR "path going two directions"
"dressed in sable" 

If you were wanting all those terms to be on the same line then switch the search to Line-by-line searching in the Options tab:

Try creating a small test file with some sample text that matches what you're trying to find and use that to fine tune your search criteria.

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