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After posting my question, I continued searching in the on-line, FileLocator Pro Help document, and found the answer.

Apparently, one cannot export the headings along with the search results into a spreadsheet compatible file (i.e., cvs) when one uses the seemingly correctly named tool, "Export results" (which can be accessed by clicking on the tool-bar icon that looks like a sheet of paper with a rightward green arrow pointing across it, or via the File -> Export Results menu options path).

No, FileLocator Pro can export the search headings along with the results but only via the "Reports" tab of the right, contents view pane. This approach permits the headings in the output file to be rearranged in any order, or omitted, or others added, independently from what is displayed in the FileLocator Pro file list view pane.

So, Mythicsoft representative, you may close my question, and grant me the appropriate points for answering my own question! LOL

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1 Answer

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As you correctly say you can only export the headings using the 'Reports' export option.

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