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sorry for my bad english please.

In the Main Window there is a Combobox "DOS Expresxion" when i open this i found a list with


How can i edit this List to add for example Sourcecode, ...

2) How can i edit an existing entry for example Documents to add extensions or search words

Many Thanks

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The configuration for the 'Presets' is stored in the file:

C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\FileLocator Pro\config\file_preset.xml

You can edit the file but changes may be overwritten if you update FileLocator Pro. In future they'll be a separate 'user' configuration option to edit those settings.

The text associated with the preset is pulled from the lang-XX.xml file, e.g. lang-en.xml.

<res id="nn" text="criteria's name" />  
<res id="mm" text=" help text" />

where nn and mm are the numbers specified in file_preset.xml file:

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