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FLP V 8.2, Release Build 2766
Windows 10 Enterprise, V 10.0.15063

The problem occurs when FLP is running, but not the active window. When I make FLP the active window, it sometimes hangs and the top bar says "Not responding".

If I kill the FLP task, I can restart FLP without problems.

I can't recall how many times this has happened, but enough to prompt me to report it, e.g., maybe 3 to 5 times in the last couple weeks.

This Windows PC has had other problems with freezing up, though not recently (e.g., more than 3 weeks ago). So, the problem may not be with FLP. If others are not reporting this problem, I suggest ignoring this message.


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1 Answer

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It's not something that other customers are reporting so I think it's specific to your system. If you can create the issue on another PC please update the question with steps to reproduce the issue.

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