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I tried the script for How to search for folders that do NOT contain a particular file? but it doesn't seem to work with a wildcard search. Basically I'm trying to find folders that do not have a particular file type in them, for example a .doc file. I ran the script and tried it with and with a wild card .doc and it still pull every folder in the drive. I may be just doing it wrong.

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The related question was dealing with searching for folders that didn't have a single specific file name. The code makes this simple test:

bIsValid = !objFSO.FileExists( strFolderPath + "\\" + SearchParms.FilenameCustomParm );

This wouldn't work with wildcards. Instead you need to use a different script, which is in the Sample Scripts folder:

C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\FileLocator Pro\Sample Scripts\folder_doesnot_contain_regex.js

This matches each item in the folder with the regex specified in the Parms field and if it matches the folder is ignored.

Folder does not contain regex

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Thanks a ton, exactly what I needed. :)