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I have a few 100 GB large index of misc file types. If I search it for "myemail" , it comes back in ~60 seconds. If I search for "myemail@gmail.com" it spins and spins. Any help?

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When an input string such as "myemail@gmail.com" is indexed it is split into two string:


Therefore the query is actually searching for two separate terms that are next to each other, which is a little bit more complex.

How many files are in your index?

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Around 1000 200MB files. I left it running overnight and the search still didn't complete. Is there a way to force it to treat the string and one term?
That does sound unusual. At the moment there's no way to change what is defined as a term but that's something we want to add in future. What type of data is in the files?
purely text data, mostly csv, some sql tables
How large is your actual index folder?