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When searching a .ost file for a particular email thread, specifying one criteria (from: brown) in the "containing text" field results in the target email being identified. Similarly, a different criteria (from: orf), results in the same email being identified, since the thread contains the second person's reply.
However, using "brown orf" (without quotation marks) as a boolean search, or brown; +orf as a plain text search, or brown AND orf (boolean), results in no hits.
Searching for brown, then searching the results list for orf, results in the correct match.

Not sure if this apparent issue is email field specific but searching for two words known to exist in the body text also resulted in no matches.

Is it possible to specify more than one criteria per search?

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1 Answer

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Specifying one more criteria on a search is very standard:

Outlook search with multiple terms

Something to check is that you're not specifying Line-by-Line search in the Options tab, which would require all terms to be on the same line.

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You got it in one!
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