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I'm using the Enhanced Document Search (I checked the Office/PDF documents checkbox.) I ran a test on a small Windows folder where I know that the content is in one of the documents but it doesn't find it.

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Yes you can search for content in Excel files but if you're using the 'Lite' version of the product you'll need to make sure you have the IFilters installed. There is a link to the IFilters on the Download Page.

After installing the IFilters go to the Configuration->IFilter Settings to make sure the IFilter is registered properly.

Excel IFilters

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I downloaded the two files and put them into a directory (folder) that is in the Windows PATH. File Locater still doesn't  find the string I'm searching for. Where do I find the Configuration->IFilter Settings?
You need to run (double-click) the downloaded file and install the IFilters.