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From memory, FileLocator pro used to launch almost instantly.

At some point in time this has changed and it now takes around 8 seconds on my machine from launching the application either through the start menu or the right click context menu until the main window is shown. I have tried launching from both network and local folders.

I am not sure if this was caused by an update, or if something has changed on my machine.

Is this a known issue or is there some sort of diagnostics I can run to find out what the issue is?

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Start-up time is an important feature and has remained largely stable. On a sample selection of machines around the office here the start-up time (under normal circumstances) is sub-second.

There are a few factors that can affect start-up time, such as anti-virus product and/or other products but also if you have large history files. However, the first thing I'd recommend is the thing everyone dislikes, a reboot of Windows. It's a pain but it really does work in a large number of situations.

If that doesn't work try this:

  • Close all instances of FileLocator Pro

  • Delete or rename your FileLocator Pro app data folder

The default location for the folder will be here:


If that doesn't work contact Tech Support.

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I made sure FLP was closed and renamed the folder. I then started + closed + restarted the app about 5 times. Each time was about the same. I have an i7-4770, 16GB of ram on Windows 10 build 16299. I just upgraded to version 8.2 (Release Build 2766 - 2018.02.21.70034), but before this I was about roughly 10 updates behind. The problem existed both pre and post update.
What AV product are you using? Would you be able to try the portable version and see if that has the same response time?
I am just using Windows Defender, no extra AV product. I tried the portable version and it was about the same, maybe a little longer. Out of interest I ran Process Monitor while it was loading (the non portable version) to see what was happening and I found 2 points where the process seemed to hang for about 4 seconds. Here is a screenshot: blob:https://imgur.com/7fb4e27b-4e9e-47f2-b507-11cc09a2550e
Resolution: tims contacted support to say that a reboot has sorted out the issue.