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0 votes

I have "Office/PDF documents" checked in options, under "Enhanced Document Searching"

For XLS:
Primary search method failed, raw data search used. Loading stream into filter failed. 0x8004170c (0x0) - :30

Unable to search file. Retrieving compressed document part failed - Additional: Loading next interpreter for compressed doc failed. 0x80040203 (0x0) - :274

Win7x64 latest Agent Ransack build (it also was failing in the older version I was using a few minutes ago.)

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Additional info:

Updated filters. Still no go.
AR is able to search within some XLS/XLSX, but not all.
Open an offending xlsx, resave as an xlsx, (using Excel 2007) still can't search within.

1 Answer

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From the errors you describe it looks like they may be corrupt or not actual XLS files. Check that they open in Excel and then re-save them to see if that fixes the issue.

Also, since Agent Ransack uses IFilters to read XLS files make sure your installed IFilters are up to date:

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I open one of the xlsx in Excel. I re-save it as an xlsx. I search again. Same problem.
Have you tried updating your IFilters?
Filters up to date (just downloaded again).
Still no luck.