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Is it possible to search within RAR (or ZIP) archives with Agent Ransack?

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To search in RAR, ZIP, GZ (etc) archives you need the Pro version of Agent Ransack, the Lite version does not have that functionality.

FileLocator Pro - Compressed Files

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Why is this the correct answer?
AR2016 can find files in zip files based on filename criteria in the "Containing text" field.
It can't search the contents of those files but that is not what was asked.
It's such an inefficient way to search ZIP files (ie it will binary search the WHOLE raw zip file data) that it would be misleading to say that Agent Ransack searches ZIP files.
OK, thanks for the clarification.  
As an anecdotal test, searching a folder of 12 zips totaling 250 MB (890 MB uncompressed) across 310 thousand files took 4 seconds in FLP and 46 seconds in AR2016.