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I want to search in all *.sql files but exclude one large but irrelevant file. I have specified in the 'File name' textbox:

*.sql; NOT:DnB.CLR.CCBLogging.publish.sql

with selected option "DOS Expression" in the drop-down list on the right.

The search finds nothing. But if I remove that NOT:..... section, it finds correct hits in many *.sql files (no hits in 'DnB.CLR.CCBLogging.publish.sql' file anyway, it is just too big and irrelevant to waste time searching)

How to combine normal wild cards with NOT: in DOS Expression?

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1 Answer

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Best answer

Try removing the space after the semi-colon:


It shouldn't be quite so sensitive but this should sort it out for now.

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Yes, removing that space does the trick! Now this search works as expected.
Thank you, Dave