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I want to be able to write comments in free text form for some of my searches and save them as part of SRF file.

Comments could be added in a simple text box, similar to Containing Text. File Locator can add new tab like that:

enter image description here

We need a way to add a free form text to clarify the search purpose. Search can be complex, and not self-explanatory at all. Just looking at complex RegEx doesn't tell me what I aimed to achieve when I was writing this search, especially in a couple of months time. "Documentation is a love letter to your future self" (Anonymous)

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Also, please make sure that these comments are searchable by File Locator itself - do not encode them as you do with other content in SRF files.

File Locator must be able to search it's own stuff!
How would you edit/view the comments? FYI, FileLocator Pro has a SRF interpreter so it can search SRF files.

1 Answer

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The closest thing to comments at the moment are the Description and Tags parts of the Favorites functionality.

Add Favourite

It also allows you to easily search the favorites without performing a separate 'full' search:

Search favourites

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Yes, this is what I want! Thank you, Dave