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I understand that FLP can access file metadata during selection process. How can I find all MP3 files that have specific sound duration, say longer than 73 seconds?

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1 Answer

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At the moment the only way is to great a regular expression that would parse the text for a given text pattern, for example here's the text generated from one song:

Title: This Is The Life
Artist: Amy Macdonald
Album: This Is The Life (eDeluxe)
Comment: Amazon.com Song ID: 
Genre: Pop
Year: 2007
Track: 2
Length: 184 secs
Bit rate: 255 Kbps
Sample rate: 44,100 Hz
Channels: 2

You could search for the 'Length' line with 3 or more digits (ie >= 100) or with two digits with the first being greater than 7 (ie >=70), e.g.

REGEX "Length: (\d{3,}|[7-9]\d)"

Here's a screenshot:
Music search based on length of track

Additional information

For the MP3 reading to working properly it's important that the Office/PDF Documents option is checked. If it isn't checked you'll get something like this:

Raw binary data

With the option correctly set you should get something like this:

Options tab

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