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how can I search only for shortcuts on my Win10 system?
I tried to use *.Ink in the file name folder, but my shortcuts were not found.

enter image description here

Due to the answer of the question
I could imagine to setup a Persistent Search Filter with my own File Name preset, where I define something like "shortcuts only". but I don't have these filter special options:

special options

How may I get this special select combo box between file name filter and case sensitive button?

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1 Answer

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In your screenshot it looks like you have used Ink instead of lnk. Try this:

File name: *.lnk
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Thanks for this hint, that was the reason.
Oh my god, how stupid am I? Sorry for the question.
Holy crap, I consider myself a long-time Windows power user; I'm 28, and I was today years old when I learned that shortcuts aren't INK files, thanks to you. I'm not sure whether to feel humbled, or incredibly stupid, but I thank you.