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Hello, I am experiencing crashes with FLP. We are searching a 500 GB backup. I have searched an almost identical backup before without issues.

I ran the search but FLP crashed when I tried to export the search results. The second time I tried exporting the workspace and it crashed again. I though a reboot might help. After the reboot I got another crash, but this time it was in "Flielocator Pro conversion Host". It's actually still running and I haven't closed the exception window yet.

I am running this on 2008 R2 Server with basically no other applications running. There is plenty of disk space. I looked for crash reports but the crash report folder is empty; do I need to enable this?

Should I let it run or do you suggest starting again? What information do you need to resolve the issue?



It looked like it was proceeding after I got the message about the "Flielocator Pro conversion Host", but it wasn't. So I closed the exception window expecting the main search to stop, but it kept going. Presumably the conversion happens in a different thread.


Well it kept searching then eventually seemed like it was doing nothing except incrementing the clock. So I stopped it and tried saving the workspace and it crashed again.

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1 Answer

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It sounds like it's a memory issue, normally related to 'loose' search terms. If you are not searching through specific file types, e.g. DOC, XLS, TXT, FileLocator Pro will search through EVERYTHING it finds including DLLs, EXEs etc, which can quickly lead to very large result sets.

Please have a look at this post for information on reducing the memory burden of large searches:
How do I avoid "Out of memory" issues when searching very large repositories

You can see the current search state of the program by clicking on the 'View->Search Threads' menu option.

Also, if you have a chance click the Help->Generate Error Report if you think the software is stuck and it'll send more information about the state of the program to Support.

More information
The "Filelocator Pro conversion Host" is a separate program that runs the conversion process for Office file types. Among other things it provides resilience against the conversion process cashing the main FileLocator Pro application.

If the conversion program does crash an error state will be logged against all files that were being converted at the time. FileLocator Pro should then detect the crash and re-launch the conversion program for files currently being queued for search.

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