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I noticed that FLP reported ignoring some extensions. I saw another question that mentioned switching off "Exclude file type from content searches when not active" under tools/configuration/extensions. I switched it off for all the extensions; these were all compressed file extensions. When I ran the search again it worked. However, I already had all the compressed file options switched on, so shouldn't FLP have searched them the first time anyway?

In addition is there a way to force FLP to search all extensions?

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When you have compressed archive searching (e.g. ZIP) active FileLocator Pro treats the files as virtual folders. If the option is switched OFF and the 'Exclude file type...' option switched ON the file type is ignored since you probably don't want to search through the binary data of the ZIP file.

If you DO want to search through the binary data of the compressed file types then just clear the 'Exclude file type...' for all file types.

If you leave the 'File name' field blank then FileLocator Pro will search through all files.

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So if the option for ZIP files is ON and 'Exclude file type...' option is also ON it will search the zipped files but not the binary data? In this case, it seems to report ignored extensions; is that correct?
Yes, because the ZIP appears as a both a data file and a virtual folder it's possible to search both the data file AND the virtual folder. However, the data file is usually ignored, although I can see the confusion. Maybe a separate 'Searched only as composite file' category would be better.