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Is it possible to resume a search after a reboot? My PC (actually the virus checker) is warning me it will be forced to reboot.Is there way to save the search and later have it resume where it left off?


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I'm afraid that's not possible. You can save any found results using the File->Save Session menu option but you can't save the 'un-searched' list of files for later resumption.

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OK, thanks. This might be a good feature. In my case FLP scanned viruses, Symantec found them and in order to 'mitigate' the threat rebooted the PC. It did warn me first so I would have had time to save and then resume the search. I can see this being an issue with Windows 10 too as it tends to arbitrarily reboot. The aborted searches I was running were up to 60 hours!
Sure, it's not the first time it's been requested.