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I would like to bulk copy the files which caused errors not just the ones that were found. Is there a way to do that? I could probably take the error list and manipulate it to create a batch file to copy the files. However, most of the searches I am interested in are within PSTs, and that approach is not going to work.

Thanks, Ian.

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1 Answer

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It's not possible to directly copy error files but you should be able to do it with a couple of steps:

Step 1

Using the Error List report create a text file with just the file paths.

Error List Report

Step 2

Run a search to load just those files by pointing to the error list file by prefixing the file with an equal sign, e.g.

File name:
Containing Text:
Look In:           =e:\errorlist.txt

Step 3

After running the search you should now be able to use Bulk Copy to copy those files to another location.

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Thanks. This worked except in some cases it seems to get stuck searching. I think I have tracked it down to files that had this message: "Opening msg file failed. 0x80030050 (0x0) - :52" in the original error list. Is there a way to skip these?

Also, I am getting some "invalid location" errors they seem have something to do with URLs or web favorites.
You can skip them by leaving them out of the TXT file. For specific 'invalid location' errors please provide examples (you can send them to support@mythicsoft.com if they're sensitive).