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I hate MS..... Along with a raft of other problems getting the Win10 Pro 2017 Anniversary update installed, Filelocator is now loading very slowly (11 seconds now vs. 2-3 seconds before the update).

I've go 8gb RAM, SSD drive on a brand new MS Surface Pro - more than enough power to load quickly.

I've uninstalled Filelocator Pro and reinstalled, but it made no difference. Now my favorite utility with fast loading is painfully slow!

Anyone have any ideas?

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1 Answer

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There should be no difference in speed but there are some options to try.

Option 1: Reboot

Everyone hates spurious reboots but it's the easiest option to try and it has worked in the past.

Option 2: Reset configuration settings

Follow these steps:

- Shut down FileLocator Pro

- Find the folder:


and rename it to:


- Try FileLocator Pro again.

Option 3: Re-install FileLocator Pro

Important: If you are asked to reboot, please reboot.

- Uninstall FileLocator Pro.

- Download the latest version from the Mythicsoft web site:

- Re-install FileLocator Pro.

- Reboot.

- Try FileLocator Pro again.

Option 4: Anti-virus settings

It is possible that a Anti-virus/malware tool is slowing the loading of the program. To test this out try adding an exclusion for FileLocatorPro.exe to the AV settings.

Option 5: Contact Support

If that still fails please contact Technical Support.

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I don't know why, but that really helped! Excellent!